This Year Give Unique Educational Toys and Gifts They Won’t Forget

28 Nov This Year Give Unique Educational Toys and Gifts They Won’t Forget

So many toys and gifts don’t promote health and wellness – and if they are labeled “educational” they may end up at the bottom of that wish list for Santa. It’s hard for parents to decide between entertainment and education when selecting gifts and toys. The nanobugs were created to entertain and educate people of all ages about practical microbiology for infection prevention. Infections and sickness are not inevitable. We can teach our children how to manage their health and avoid infections. Parents may need to expand their knowledge too, by learning more about microbiology, human anatomy and physiology, the immune system, nutrition and food safety and behaviors that enhance wellness and reduce the risk of disease. It doesn’t need to be boring or academic. No need to sign up for a class at the community college. The nanobugs can teach the entire family while they entertain the young and old.

An experienced critical care nurse told me that her home-schooled granddaughters love to play “Go Fish” with nanobugs playing cards. She said they are inquisitive about the different nanobugs and then want to go to the website and learn more. What a great way to learn essential microbiology with the nanobugs and discover their positive and potentially negative influence on our health! The nanobugs card collection can further engage children and adults in independent learning – and check out the “power codes” and “habitats” for each nanobug and the “tool cards” that teach cool terminology.

Surprise! During Cyber Week 2011, we will send a free deck of nanobugs playing cards with each order placed on the nanobugs online store. So pick out a nanobugs apron for grandma, a nanobugs training shirt for your favorite teacher or health professional and some temporary tattoo samplers for stocking stuffers. Let the nanobugs help regain your family focus upon health. Sing along with the nanobugs songs, send an e-card and take a break from your shopping and color in the nanobugs coloring book. Now, doesn’t that sound like more fun than standing in line somewhere?

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