Did you know? It is Influenza Season in the Southern Hemisphere?

29 Jun Did you know? It is Influenza Season in the Southern Hemisphere?

Did you know? It is Flu Season in the Southern Hemisphere.
The season occurs during the cold half of the year in each hemisphere. During periods of cooler temperature, influenza cases increase roughly tenfold or more. Despite higher incidence of manifestations of the flu during the season, the viruses are actually transmitted throughout populations all year round. The exact mechanism behind the seasonal nature of influenza outbreaks is unknown.

Here are some possible explanations:
• Vitamin D production from Ultraviolet-B in the skin changes with the seasons and affects the immune system.
• Humans ingest more fresh probiotic foods in the warmer months that “feed” and balance a healthy microbiome and supports immune function.
• Research in guinea pigs has shown that the aerosol transmission of the virus is enhanced when the air is cold and dry.
• Cold temperatures lead to drier air. Dry air can dehydrate mucous membranes, preventing the viruses from being “washed” out before they can attach and start infection
• People are indoors more often during the winter, sharing air and environmental surfaces with other individuals who may be infected or incubating the infection.
• Viruses are preserved in colder temperatures due to slower decomposition, so they linger longer on exposed surfaces (doorknobs, countertops, etc.).
• In countries where children do not go to school in the summer, there is a more pronounced beginning to flu season, coinciding with the start of public school. It is thought that the day care environment is perfect for the spread of illness.

Did you know? Each annual flu season is normally associated with a major influenza virus subtype. The associated subtype changes each year, due to development of immunological resistance to a previous year’s strain (through exposure and vaccinations), and mutational changes in previously dormant virus strains.

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