Eating raw cookie dough is a No-No!

15 Dec Eating raw cookie dough is a No-No!

Baking cookies is a critical element of the holiday traditions of many families.  Most of us have fond memories of baking cookies in December.  The smell of cookies baking can instantly take us to memories of happy holidays.  But there is a risk of foodborne illness with baking cookies – if you eat the raw cookie dough.  It is a NO-NO.  You say, “I know. I know.  But I have eaten cookie dough since I was a child and I have never had a problem.  Besides, it tastes good!”  Times have changed and the nanobugs® are showing up in new places.  It is not just the risk of acquiring Salmonella from the raw eggs but there is an additional risk – E. coli or other nanobugs® hiding in the flour.  You may remember last summer there was a big recall of flour and flour-based products because of E. coli.  The people who got sick ate and handled raw cookie dough using flour produced by a specific General Mills plant.  That has all been resolved now but the recommendation from the FDA and CDC still stands – don’t eat cookie dough.  Most prepared cookie dough uses pasteurized eggs but nanobugs® could be hiding in other ingredients.  Don’t worry – when you cook the dough and create those delightful cookies, the oven temperatures will kill the nanobugs® and eliminate the problem.  So make your cookies and enjoy them AFTER baking. Mothers and Grandmothers- Be sure to supervise the little bakers that are assisting you.  Good handwashing before starting and after handling raw eggs and surfaces touched by the raw eggs and dough – make that a holiday tradition also!

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