Health Professionals

Health Professionals

Health professionals are aware of the emergence of new pathogenic microbes and resistant forms of the common microbes in the healthcare environment and in the community.  It’s often hard to “keep up”. Besides that, you may find the area of clinical microbiology to be somewhat confusing and maybe even boring (unless you are a microbiologist and then you find it fascinating!)

However, the area of clinical microbiology may be a little boring and even confusing at times to you. The nanobugs can help engage, entertain and educate people of all ages about practical microbiology and infection prevention – beginning with you. Our philosophy is to vilify the microbes rather than the health professional, the food handler or the sexual partner. Then the humans can unite in a mission to prevent infections and sabotage the pathogenic nanobugs. Of course, not all microbes are pathogens, so we help identify which are helpful as part of the body’s normal flora and which are probiotics. We offer a variety of teaching tools that can make patient and family teaching a whole lot more effective and almost fun.


The nanobugs health educator, Nancy Haberstich, is a seasoned professional nurse and international consultant in infection prevention and control. She can help you design effective campaigns to engage apathetic employees on topics like C. difficile infections, MRSA, antibiotic stewardship, flu prevention strategies, and preventing CA-UTI’s. She can also recommend some fresh ideas and methods of getting compliance with hand hygiene and immunizations.


There are many teaching tools available on the nanobugs website to assist with patient and family education. You can use temporary tattoos at your next health fair or use the Nanobugs STI Prevention Program in your alcohol and drug treatment programs to teach on that challenging topic. The nanobugs products have scientific integrity built in and can make you a hero with audiences and co-workers and enhance your employer’s image in the community.


Thank you for your contribution to the education your patients about infection prevention and antibiotic resistance. We encourage you to share with us how you have used the nanobugs products and programs so we can continue to offer ideas and strategies that produce better patient outcomes.  We are open to suggestions – for new products and for improvements to the ones we already offer.