The mission of Nanobugs, inc is to engage and educate people of all ages about practical microbiology and infection prevention.

The company will evolve into a leader in health education and infection prevention through its unique and creative educational methods. These entertaining formats will communicate knowledge that is both memorable and usable. The concept will be relevant and understandable to all groups both domestic and international.


We live in a world where human beings think they rule. But within this world lies the unseen kingdom of microbes. Because microbes are invisible to the human eye, we often forget they are there. But with a little imagination, we can give life to the microbes and learn how to live in harmony with them.

Nanobugs Inc. grew out of our passion for infection prevention and our conviction that adults and children could be entertained by personified microbes, while they learned about microbiology. The nanobugs® would ultimately teach them effective techniques for preventing infection.

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