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Sabatoging Salmonella – Six steps to roasting your turkey safely: #5- Don’t stop roasting until the internal temperature reaches 180 degrees F.

Just because a turkey is golden brown on the outside, doesn’t mean it’s safe to eat.  Cooking a turkey safely is a matter of degrees! The goal is to kill the nanobugs like salmonella without overcooking and dehydrating the turkey flesh. Whole birds should be cooked to 180 degrees F.  The temperature should...

Warning: Easter Baby Chicks Can Harbor Salmonella

Stop! Resist the temptation to get the children a baby chick as part of your Easter/Spring celebration. Tagging along with those irresistible baby chicks many families “adopt” during Easter season, is a nanobug that you surely didn’t want to bring into your home: Salmonella enteritidis....