Trichophyton tonsurans

( try-koh-fy-ton tawn-sir- )
Trichophyton tonsurans
About This nanobug

Nickname: “Jock Itch” fungus or ringworm of the groin


Signs & Syptoms: This fungus causes itching in the groin area, folds of the thighs or the anal area and red raised, scaly patches that blister and ooze. It can cause a permanent change in skin color in the area and lead to secondary bacterial infections.


Spread: The fungus can be passed from one person to another by direct skin-to-skin contact or with unwashed clothing. The rash stays in the creases of the groin and does not involve the penis or the scrotum but may spread to the anus.


Who is at risk: Almost always occurs in adult men, especially athletes and the military personnel. The rash is triggered by friction from clothes and prolonged wetness


Prevention: Keep the groin area clean and dry and wear loose-fitting underwear. Wash athletic supporters frequently. After bathing, apply anti-fungal powder to the groin area.


“I can start an itchy red blotch in your crotch”