Serratia marcescens

( sir-ray-sha mar-sess-enz )
Serratia marcescens
About This nanobug

Nickname: Serratia


Morphology: Gram-negative rod which produces large amounts of red pigment


Habitat: Lives and breeds in the environment especially in damp conditions; can often be found growing in bathrooms, showers, tile grout and toilets creating a pink-orange colored film as it feeds off soap and shampoo residue; can be found in cool mist vaporizers


Disease or illness: Seldom infects healthy persons but can cause urinary tract infection in hospitalized patients with a urinary catheter


Who is at risk: Occasionally persons with a weakened immune system or hospitalized patients will become infected


Avoidance techniques: Clean toilets and showers with bleach solution or other effective chemicals; Wipe down showers after use to dry the surface and remove soap residues; healthcare workers should use good infection prevention techniques especially with care of the catheterized patient.


“I’m really very common and rarely cause a problem”