Salmonella enteritidis

( sal-mon-nell-ah en-ter-rit-ih-dis )
About This nanobug

Nickname: Salmonella


Morphology: Gram-negative rod


Habitat: Lives naturally in animals; infection in humans is usually linked to foods of animal origin or to direct contact with animals or contaminated water.


Disease or illness: Causes intestinal infections with diarrhea, fever, and severe stomach cramps


Who is at risk: Anyone who eats food or drinks water contaminated with the bacteria is at risk. Infants, the elderly, or persons with a weakened immune system are at increased risk.


Avoidance techniques: Wash hands after handling animals and playing with pets. Cook meat, poultry, and eggs thoroughly (eggs should be cooked until yokes do not run); wash knives and cutting surfaces with hot soapy water after cutting raw poultry; store food in the refrigerator; wash hands before and after handling raw poultry; drink only pasteurized milk.


“Cook your chicken or I’ll make you a sick ‘un”