Rubella Virus

( roo-bell-ah vi-rus )
Rubella Virus
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Nickname: German measles

Signs & Symptoms: Rubella is commonly known as the “German” or “three day” measles. It is a mild viral infection with a red rash starting on the face and spreading to the trunk and then to the arms and legs. The rash does not appear on the palms or soles.

Spread: Rubella is spread by contact with an infected person.

Who is at risk: Anyone who has not been vaccinated or who has not already had rubella is at risk. The rubella virus can cross the placenta in a pregnant woman and cause birth defects in the baby.

Prevention: A vaccine is available for immunization of children. The vaccination is called MMR because it protects against Measles-Mumps-Rubella.


“I can be really mean unless you’ve had the vaccine”