Klebsiella pneumoniae

(kleb-see-el-ah new-moan-ee-ay)
Klebsiella pneumoniae
About This nanobug

Nickname: Kleb pneumo


Morphology: Gram-negative rod with a capsule


Habitat: Carried in the nose, throat and the lower intestines of humans; also found in soil and water


Disease or illness: Can cause wound and burn infections, bloodstream infection, pneumonia and bronchitis, and urinary tract infections, especially in hospitalized patients


Who is at risk: Infants, children and adults can develop infection but it is more common in persons who have a weakened immune system or who already have another serious illness.


Avoidance techniques: Wash hands after use of the toilet; healthcare workers should use good infection prevention practices.


“I’ll fill your lungs with goop, and knock you for a loop”