Haemophilus influenzae

(hee-moff-ih-lus in-flew-en-zah)
Haemophilus influenzae
About This nanobug

Nickname: H. flu


Morphology: Gram-negative rod


Habitat: Lives in the mouth and throat of humans, especially children


Disease or illness: Before the vaccine was available, H. flu was a common cause of meningitis, especially in young children. It can cause infections of the ear, eye, sinuses, or lungs.


Who is at risk: Young children who have not been vaccinated and the elderly


Avoidance techniques: Don’t let others cough or sneeze in your face; wash hands; discard and don’t touch used tissues. A vaccine for H. flu is usually given to infants along with the other childhood immunizations


“You better look twice, I can be naughty or nice.”